Delicious sugar free chocolate, homemade

Sugar free chocolate homemade vegan ketoDavid and I both really love chocolate (a little too much), so with some New Year’s resolutions that we’re determined to stick to eat less sugar, I took another look at the sugar-free options out there. Well, that was disappointing. Actually, only super dark (and therefore bitter) 100% chocolate is really completely sugar-free. There are […]

Mushroom risotto with cauliflower rice

Vegan mushroom risotto low carb cauliflower riceI quite like risotto, but the long cooking time and the white rice keep me from putting it on the menu often. The solution: cauliflower rice risotto! The first time I made this I was a little skeptical, but David and I both loved it! By simmering in the vegan cream and the seasonings, the […]