Delicious sugar free chocolate, homemade

Sugar free chocolate homemade vegan ketoDavid and I both really love chocolate (a little too much), so with some New Year’s resolutions that we’re determined to stick to eat less sugar, I took another look at the sugar-free options out there. Well, that was disappointing. Actually, only super dark (and therefore bitter) 100% chocolate is really completely sugar-free. There are […]

Easy chocolate cake

Easy vegan chocolate cakeI love how easy this vegan chocolate cake is to make, while still looking really nice with it’s smooth layer of chocolate ganache. Perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time (or a lot of baking experience), but still want to impress. It’s also really tasty, especially if you add the optional layer […]

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Oatmeal cookies veganThese cookies are wonderfully crunchy, and store really well. They’re made largely with whole grains and contain only a small amount of sugar, so they are also relatively healthy. Perfect to take as a school or work snack. Feel free to experiment with the mix-ins. For example, try them with finely chopped nuts, dried fruits […]

Homemade oat protein bars

Homemade protein bars vegan plant-based oatDavid likes to have an energy bar to take with him for long office days, to eat as an afternoon snack so he doesn’t come home completely starved. We also like to bring some on hiking and cycling trips. Protein bars can be quite pricey, so making your own can save a lot of money. […]

Vegan orange cake, super light and moist

Vegan orange cake light and fluffyThis is one of the lightest and airiest vegan cakes I’ve ever tasted! The recipe is surprisingly easy, making it suitable for both inexperienced and seasoned bakers. Even your omni mother in law can make it with stuff from her cupboard, since no ‘special’ vegan ingredients are required. The batter is made with orange juice […]

Dutch almond letter (banketstaaf)

Vegan Dutch almond letter banketletterThis ‘banketstaaf’ or almond letter is one of my favorite Dutch holiday treats. It’s a crispy puff pastry roll stuffed with almond paste. Delicious! There’s also a version of this where the almond paste is encased in speculaas dough (similar to gingerbread and biscoff).Almond letters are traditionally eaten during the winter holiday season, especially for […]

Apple-walnut cake

Apple walnut cake vegan recipeThis cake is wonderfully moist and fluffy, a perfect example of apple sauce as an egg replacer (and a perfect way to use up leftover applesauce). The walnuts give it a lovely flavor and crunch, but the cake still tastes good if you leave them out. If you want to make this cake a little […]