Cashew fondue

Vegan cashew fondueThis fondue is a holiday favorite on all sides of our family, vegan or not. It’s super creamy and savory and surprisingly quick and easy to make. Just put all your ingredients in the blender, purée and then cook to thicken the sauce. Tapioca flour gives you the best ‘stretch’, but potato or cornstarch will […]

Real cashew-based vegan brie

Vegan brie cashew coconut basedThat’s right, this is a homemade vegan brie with real mold! It’s super creamy, with an strong brie flavor and a firm rind.  This recipe is based on those by Full of Plants and Lecker Planzen. Their cheeses are made almost entirely from cashews. I wanted to have creamier cheese similar to ripe brie, so my recipe has more […]