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Delicious sugar free chocolate, homemade

Sugar free chocolate homemade vegan ketoDavid and I both really love chocolate (a little too much), so with some New Year’s resolutions that we’re determined to stick to eat less sugar, I took another look at the sugar-free options out there. Well, that was disappointing. Actually, only super dark (and therefore bitter) 100% chocolate is really completely sugar-free. There are […]

Mushroom risotto with cauliflower rice

Vegan mushroom risotto low carb cauliflower riceI quite like risotto, but the long cooking time and the white rice keep me from putting it on the menu often. The solution: cauliflower rice risotto! The first time I made this I was a little skeptical, but David and I both loved it! By simmering in the vegan cream and the seasonings, the […]

Easy chocolate cake

Easy vegan chocolate cakeI love how easy this vegan chocolate cake is to make, while still looking really nice with it’s smooth layer of chocolate ganache. Perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time (or a lot of baking experience), but still want to impress. It’s also really tasty, especially if you add the optional layer […]

Vegan kimchi (the easy way)

homemade kimchi recipe, veganReady-made kimchi can be quite pricey, and it often contains fish sauce. Plenty of reasons to make this Korean flavor bomb at home! Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all, especially with my simplified (but still super tasty) recipe. Kimchi is a Korean fermented pickle. There are many different varieties, including ones using […]

Baked Camembert, vegan style

Vegan baked CamembertPre-vegan, baked Camembert or Brie was one of my absolute favorite dishes. I hadn’t eaten this in a long time, but since vegan Camemberts have been popping up in local stores, I wanted to give it a go. This vegan version can definitely compete with Camembert from cow’s milk! In this recipe you make small […]

Tofu fried rice with peanut sauce

Tofu fried rice with peanut sauce veganThis recipe is a cross between Indonesian style fried rice and tofu scramble. You throw everything together in one large frying pan or wok, so it’s super easy and quick to make. The tofu in this recipe stays soft, like the egg in traditional fried rice. Because you crumble it, it easily absorbs the seasonings, […]

Carrot ginger soup and curry spread

Carrot soup, lentil curry spread, veganI’m working on a new series of budget recipes. If I shop smart, this entire meal of soup with toasted bread and the lentil spread costs me about 1 euro (just over $1), for 4 servings! The entire meal can be on the table within half an hour. The carrot soup is deliciously sweet, fresh […]

Sundried tomato lentil bolognese

Sundried tomato spaghetti Bolognese veganThis is a recipe for the ultra-low budget menu that I’m working on. The ingredients cost me about 2 euros for 4 generous servings, so only 50 cents per person! For such a humble recipe, this is a surprisingly tasty dish. The star of the show is the sun-dried tomato, which provide lots of umami, […]

Vegan on a very low budget (€ 10-15 per week)

Ultra low budget vegan groceries shopping nutritionIt’s tempting to spend a lot of money on food, especially when fancy new vegan products seem to be coming out every week. Looking at the prices of these products, you might conclude that vegan food is expensive. Fortunately, plant-based food can also be very cheap. For many people, meat and cheese are the most […]

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Oatmeal cookies veganThese cookies are wonderfully crunchy, and store really well. They’re made largely with whole grains and contain only a small amount of sugar, so they are also relatively healthy. Perfect to take as a school or work snack. Feel free to experiment with the mix-ins. For example, try them with finely chopped nuts, dried fruits […]